5 good reasons to watch the Track World Championship

In the old times...
You know... the track isn't my thing. It fascinates me but I don't understand it really. Important events like Worlds make me curious and the fact UCI finally has got a YouTube channel for the streaming helps. 
Given that, I remain a naive watcher so I asked my friend and track expert Laura Grazioli (http://www.cicloweb.it) 5 good - not technical - reasons to follow the Worlds.
...and now: the Track Ladies! here A.Edmondson
L. "Well... in the post Olympic years it would be hard to find technical ones..."
I. "Good then! go one!"
L."Races are very fast!"
L. "You can watch many different races in the same day"
I. "Also riders are quite different. I mean, I remarked a big difference of look between pistards: why Michael Hepburn is cute while others look like The Incredible Hulk? It depends on the different disciplines?"
L."Exactly. Hepburn is a pursuer, he does endurance races, Pervis instead, who has won yesterday..."
I. "Ehm... I was just thinking of him..."
L. "...he's a sprinter. It's a bit like the difference between a mathoner and Usain Bolt, they both are in athletics but do a different kind of race."
L. "Both men and women compete" 
I. "Yeah! and track ladies are so lovely! I watched them yesterday: amazing racing! I'm glad that here they got the same visibility as men and moreover that the UCI finally decided to give them the same money prize as man. The opposite was a true shame."
I. "Ah yes. On the road they can happen: on the trak they are routine because there is a finale, a direct clash among riders or national teams and the thrill is deep."
L. "On the track you see athletes who really come from everywhere and you aren't suprised if the winner of a race is a Korean or an Argentinian."
I. "That's true. I noticed the same... You persuaded me, Laura! I'll probably keep understanding nothing but there are many good reasons to watch the Track Worlds. 5 at least!"

UCI channel for streaming: 

Day 1 Feb 20 Men: Team Pursuit; Kilometre TT - Women: Individual Pursuit; Team Sprint

Day 2 Feb 21 Men: Individual Pursuit; Team Sprint, Scratch Race - Women: Team Pursuit; 500m TT

Day 3 Feb 22 Men: Keirin; Points Race; Omnium: Flying Lap, Points Race, Elimination - Women: Sprint Qualifying; Scratch Race

Day 4 Feb 23 Men: Sprint Qualifying; Omnium: Individual Pursuit, Scratch, Kilometre TT - Women: Sprint Finals; Points Race; Omnium: Flying Lap, Points Race, Elimination

Day 5 Feb 24 Men: Sprint Finals; Madison - Women: Keirin; Madison; Omnium: Individual Pursuit, Scratch, 500m TT

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