Cyclocross: Lars Van der Haar said...

"I had big problems in the first two laps getting the pace, it was just too hard for me and I didn't have the right feeling. I thought 'I have to believe in myself for the whole race' and I found a new pace and could come back to [Niels] Albert. I just felt really good - I had the power and the technical parts were going really well. I didn't really make that many mistakes, that's why I could come back.
At the end when I went for third I saw that Albert was mentally getting a bit down. I thought 'I should go now and maybe get a gap'. I went for it just before the technical section, got a gap and had to hold it for two laps almost, but I could never get back for the win. I was really happy to get third in my first pro year."
Read it all! interesting interview with Nys and Vantornout too.

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