In short and translated: L'Equipe about Andy Schleck

There is an article here:
http://www.lessentiel.lu/de/sport/dossier/schleckteam/story/Andy-Schleck-in-schlechter-Verfassung-12281220 quoting L'Equipe.
In short and translated:
1. In the head: Luca Guercilena: "With Andy, the problem is currently perhaps something more serious [then his physical condition, now ok] Everything happens in the head."
2. Family troubles: René Thill (close to the family): "This attitude sums up the mental state of Andy Schleck in recent weeks" Fränk Schleck's sentence included.
3. Lack of discipline: Alain Gallopin: "Andy did not understand that he has to work"
My opinion: of course there is a problem here, not only and not mostly a physical problem. Last July injury and Frank's case worsened it but I don't think they are the origin of it. It's since the Tour de France 2010 that I see a changement begane. We 'lived' that changement day by day but it came suddenly after that Tour. What happened in the Vuelta was a first step and it went on since then. 'What' I don't know and that isn't the right place to debate about it. But if a 27 year old man has got a problem, no matter who he is, he needs to be supported. 
I have no doubt that Andy is a splendid racer and it isn't true that he can't descend: look some old races, I remember an old Tour of California... think about that TdF, when he had to chase Contador who attacked him after the chain problem. He isn't a specialist but he was as good as every top rider. He  should improve in the TT, that's true. But do you remember TdF 2010 TT? I do because I was there, just there when he was FASTER then Contador. He should improve. And he is one of the best climber in cycling.
But all that is nothing. He's a good guy. He was a happy kid when became a pro and I see he lost his joy year after year. Why, I don't know but I would like he find it back. 
Ten years in pro cycling at his age is a lot. He loves cycling and he's made for it. I know that feeling: I'm made for philosophy and writing. When you know that you are so good it isn't  easy to keep a balance in your life. Nevertheless a gift should make you happy not leads to a kind of self destruction. And self destruction is what I see. 
Very often you feel bad and need help but can't accept that or are very scared to lose your reputation or your job or your friends so say nothing but your bad feeling works inside your soul and the result is exactly what you wanted to avoid. Then everybody can see you are feeling bad: that's time to help not to judge.
Ok, I stop. I have been there myself.

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Anonymous said...

Well said Ilaria.

There is obviously something wrong with him. I hope he can
find the courage to seek help.