In short: Guercilena about Andy Schleck

There is an article here:
In short:
1. Antibiotics: "It's a pity he was force to quit the Tour of the Med but he was ill and is taking antibiotics. We think the change in weather from the heat in Australia to the cold in Europe caused it," 
2. It takes time: "Andy's been out of action for six months and so it was always going to be difficult for him to make a comeback. We know it will take time. There's the physical aspect and also the mental side to it too. It's never easy for a great rider. They're not used to suffering. There were some good signs in Australia but now he's taken a step backwards."
3. Confident: "Andy's got to find the desire to suffer. We're confident he'll gradually get fitter and stronger and we'll do everything we can to help him."
4. In France: "Guercilena confirmed that Schleck will stay with the Radioshack team in the south of France for a training camp in St Raphael, and then race again at the Tour du Haut-Var (February 16-17)."

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