In short: Hoogerland said...

There is an article on De Telegraaf. In English here:
In short:
1. In a flash: “It happened in a flash, I really could not move [to avoid it]. I particularly think it is bad for my girlfriend Gerda. She drove a hundred metres behind me. She saw the whole thing. For me it's bad, but it has also been very hard for her.”
2. Lot of pain: “They stopped giving morphine, so I now feel the pain all over my body. But especially in my back and my stomach. And I get dizzy when I move my head too quickly. [...] I cannot sleep, but I'm happy to eat something. It would be nice if I could go home, but for the first month, I will be able to do nothing. I don’t think at all about races. I will be glad if I think I can ride the sportif version of the Amstel Gold Race.”
3. A new hard blow: “Physically I should have a full recovery. Mentally it’s a different story, I’m certainly aware of that. Without help, I really can’t deal with this new blow.”

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