Johnny Hoogerland seriously injuried

That isn't good news. And it's just the last case of cyclists hit by cars. Hoogerland is alive, others has been killed. How many times is that going to happen before we learn to share the road? Awfully stupid.
Liver of rider is bruised, not torn.
After he was hit by a turning car on Sunday Hoogerland is on the intensive care in the hospital of Villajoyosa. On Monday morning he was examined. The doctors diagnosed 5 rib fractures, broken bones from his spine and a bruised liver. Furthermore there was an effusion of blood around but not on his liver. This was a relief for the heavily injured 29 year old. He will have to stay on the intensive care until at least halfway through the week and transport to The Netherlands won't be possible in the next week. The number 5 of last years Tirreno-Adriatico will miss the complete spring season. Sport director Aart Vierhouten is on his way to visit the rider in Spain: "Besides the good news regarding his liver this is a personal drama for every top athlete. I have to say that I am happy that the liver injury is not too bad but it still is a big injury. The main concern is that he gets better soon. Besides that the team will of course miss him in the coming months. After a hectic winter last year it was a good and relaxed winter this year in which Johnny was on his way to reach his 2011 level."

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