This is the end....

After many years I close this blog. I can't tell now if it's forever or just for a period. The reason is simple: I got bored, I have new projects. I put in this blog a lot of time, passion and energy. Now I prefer to invest them in something different and I'm back to my first loves: philosophy and politics. 
Things changed dramaticly, it's hard even to imagine an alternative scenario and an effective way to work on a better future, but that is an intellectual's job and I feel necessary to dedicate myself to it.
Cycling is a fascinating world and I never forgot it is a part of the biger world made of conflicts and dreams we live in. Cycling is also a way to live and pro-cyclists have a lot to teach about goals, motivations, sacrifices, planning, friendship, respect, team-work... I learnt a lot by them and must say thank you.
I met some amazing people too and am not going to lose contact with them. 
Tomorrow I will be in Camaiore and hopefully will see Andy Schleck: I'm sorry I stop this blog when he's in a difficult moment and my decision has nothing to do with that. I hope to find a smile on his face :)


Anonymous said...

We must all follow our dreams and when something does not give us the pleasure and satisfaction that it used to then something is wrong and it's time to move on even if it hurts. Good Luck and heartfelt thanks for all the information, joys and disappointments you shared with us. H

Capreolus said...

what a pity just when I discover this Blog is finished. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Merci pour ton blog qui m'a fait découvrir sur le cyclisme bien plus que je n'en rêvais. Cela fait un bon moment que je le suis très régulièrement. Je suis triste que ça se termine, évidemment.
Ceci dit, j'aime bien ta plume et je suis curieuse de tes idées, aussi, je me permets de poser la question : vas-tu développer ailleurs tes idées politiques et philosophiques ?