Tour Med: Monfort said...

“I felt no panic when Peraud attacked.  I had studied the GC very well with (director) Azevedo last night.  I knew he would never take one minute on me.  We were well prepared.  The only thing not foreseen was that I had a very bad day today.  But I gave everything I had.  It was a fight within myself the last two, three kilometers.  It was a TT for me.  Thanks go to my teammates who worked all day for me.  Thomas Rohregger was the last guy with me until 2k from the top and then it was up to me.  Just at that moment Boom was dropped. Four riders on GC are within a handful of seconds.  It will be hard but not impossible.  Anyway I will enjoy this moment and this jersey for now.  It’s an unusual one – yellow with white dots.”

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