Tour Med: Monfort said..

You probably already read it but I want it here to complete the story. Yesterday I often asked WHERE IN THE HELL IS MONFORT?? here it's the answer:   
“That’s life. When (Jean-Christophe) Péraud attacked in final I could stay in his wheel but when Lõkvist went, I was not strong enough. The last 2km were too steep. I have no excuse and it’s a pity but I feel ok.  This race was not a goal and it was my first race of the season.  Yes of course I dreamed a bit. I feel bad for the team that worked so hard."
“I have to be honest that in the last two days I haven’t felt super healthy either.  I suffered some stomach problems, which many other riders have been feeling too.  In the upcoming races my next goal is Paris-Nice.  I did good things here, worked hard and have definitely seen progression.”

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