Tour Med: what happened to Andy Schleck, more or less

To be completely clear about it: Andy  was half sick at the start and in the previous days had suffered a little because of the jet-lag. He had told Le Quotidien:  «I wasn't fine training in the last days because back from  Australia I still had to recover from the jet-lag and the weather wasn't good too. I didn't train as I wanted. But I really hope I will imprve here day by day. I'm here for that, even if I think this first stage will be not easy. Of course I don't consider this ITT as a personal test but I expect a lot by the Mont Faron's stage on Sunday...". It would have been MUCH better to tell that around before the race.
Instead you can read it here today: 
...with some other dettails I translate because they are interesting. I heard from Andy personally and... well I hope he'll get well soon.
Anyway, that's what happened yesterday:
Le Quotidien quotes Marc Meilleur, ex pistard and driver of the motorbike of the L'Équipe photographer. He says that Andy had troubles in the descent made slippery by the rain.  There he got dropped suddenly at 104 km .  «He looked tighten on his bike and his fingers were glued to its brakes".
 "He is in agood shape in my opinion" he adds "He just suffers by a lack of selfconfidence. As far as I saw it, he gets scared descending and becomes more and more contract. And he get dropped without being able to react. Because after that he remained for at least 15 kms 100 meters behinde the peloton, face the wind, without a shelter and without the hope to join. So he isn't bad physically,  because not everybody can do that. The most of the dropped riders disapear immediately.  He did more than holding on."
Le Quotidien goes on telling that Andy managed to come back once. And also twice because he got dropped again in the fast final kms. "We had no radios so we knew nothing" Monfort said "We had no infos during the race and then it became so nervous and crazy that I was just looking to my srm"
Andy  got dropped again on the hills before the peloton arrived by the sea.
I report this article because we couldn't see the race and it helps to understand how things went.
Andy says his schedule shouldn't change. I told him to do what is better for him. It makes no sense to talk about 'problems' we know nothing about. I trust in Luca Guercilena: he's a very good DS. That's all. And I trust on Andy.

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