Tour of Oman: what did happen to Tony Gallopin?

He lost his good position in GC but RSLT put a rder in top 15 by Bushe.
Team directory Dirk Demol:  "The field here is very good, even stronger than last year.  Today Tony just didn't have the legs.  Let's not forget that he's not a pure climber. "
Tony Gallopin: “The team put me in a good position for the climb but I just didn’t have the legs.  I knew it quite early on the climb which allowed Matthew to ride for himself.” 
Matthew Bushe ended up 15th on the stage: "The climb was super hard but I felt pretty good.  I was at my maximum.  Saxo had Matti Breshel going full gas at the bottom of the climb and the field exploded.  A lot of riders couldn't follow.  I chose my own rhythm but the hill was pretty unrelenting.  When I saw that Tony was suffering, I thought it was important that the team have a good result, so we decided that I should go.  I am happy with how I'm feeling in my first race of the season and the team spirit and atmosphere couldn't be better.  Things are going really well."
More here: http://www.radioshackleopardtrek.com/news/new-leader-oman

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