Tour of Oman: who's Kenny Elissonde?

Daniel Friebe tweeted: "Kenny Elissonde, sixth behind that lot in Oman, at age 21. Wow." Who's that? you made me curious. vetooo@ammattipyoraily added: "Elissonde is a super-talented climber. His weight is only 52 kg." and Alexandre Mignotinforms that "he finished 13th and best young in Tour of Burgos 2011, as a trainee (stagiaire)".
In this picture he looks like a kid... well... he's 21, isn't he? he looks what he is. Pity we couldn't watch how he looks on his bike because today finish seems to have been great. But no doubt we will see him again. Given all that is going on in cycling... take care I'd like to tell him. Defend your dream!
More about Kenny Elissonde here: 

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