Tour of Qatar 1...and more

Gregory Rast Pic RSLT
'I don't think I sprinted for a victory since 1998', says Gregory Rast. In short: 10km to go, peloton compact but three riders slightly off the front: Rast, Elmiger, Bookwalter. In this order they took the stage: BMC Bookwalter won, Elmiger was second and Rast a nice 3rd for RSLT.
So far as Leopards: Andy Schleck is alive.  Few days ago indead Lee Applbaum tweeted: "Great catching up with this morning. After a tough 2012, it's clear to me that his passion for the bike is back. #gameon" Good to know. Fabian Cancellara is in Qatar and unlike somebody wrote has never told he isn't going to ride the Tour de France: "Dont belive what you read global regarding my raceprogramm." he tweeted " fokus for the after that i will rest, and decide with the team." 
I'm alive too and still very happy for yesterday cyclocross but have got an awful cold and couldn't sleep very well. In spite of that I had a wonderful dream: I was riding my bike faaaast!

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