Tour of Qatar 2: BMC rocks the TTT

Embedded image permalinkSerious stuff begane with RSLT: Fabian Cancellara's team set the first serious best time. But best time are often there just to be smashed. It happened pretty soon: OPQS, then Sky, then BMC. Marc Cavendish did a lot of work at the front but Taylor Phinney was simply a beauty: perfect position on the bike, still, exact and powerful. Those three teams finished all together while RSLT lost two riders. Those three teams rode as one man. RSLT was one man: Cancellara. That isn't enough. Those three teams are made of guys able to compete on the track. RSLT isn't. Sadly. Those three teams are made of young guns. RSLT isn't. It's an old team in spite the young good riders in there. It has got an old mentality. My opinion of course but in my opinion there is a lot to change including comunication strategy.
Sacha Modolo fell yesterday and had to quit the race for a suspected brocken scaphoyd. What a pity!  I hope he will be back really soon!

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OPQS at the finish
1. BMC 
2. SKY 
3. Omega Pharma-Quick Step 
4. Radioshack-Leopard 
5. Katusha 
BMC Bookwalter remains leader
Best Young Rider and awarded with excellence jersey
Taylor Phinney

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