Criterium International: "I enjoyed riding my bike" Andy said...

Asked if the ‘old’ Andy is now back, Andy Schleck replied, “I was never dead, just maybe asleep but it was a nice day today.  We went out there today and had a plan to fight, we didn’t want to let Sky have an easy time of it.  We had Laurent in the break and then I jumped to the group to try to make the race hard along with Jens.  In the end it didn’t work but when you come to the finish and you have done something or tried to execute a plan, it’s a good day.  I can see that the shape in my legs is coming back.  I felt good.  I still miss some power so I knew I couldn’t go with the best at the end, so instead I thought I would try to go from far out and make the race hard.  I really enjoyed today even though the weather was so bad.  I enjoyed riding my bike.”

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