Interview with Andy Schleck by RTL (and bit more)

pic by RTL (from the vid)
I talked with Andy the night he retired, when he was in Munich and can say he obviously sounded down, I was a little shocked so it has been a short conversation. But he answered immediately when I called: definitely he wasn't drunk. I talked with him also some day after when the 'Munich story' blasted on the internet and he told me exactltìy the same Kim Andersen reported: "It's bullshit". You can easily understand a team ds is more qualified than me to tell it officially. This is just a blog.
Yesterday on RTL there was this interview with Andy. It is in Luxembourgish but - more or less - I get it: he says that 'Munich story' is ridicolous and then talks about his coming-back. Physically he's improving but mentally it takes a little more. Ardennes Classics and Tour de France remain his goals. 
Luxembourgish readers can add more :)
It's good to see Andy, anyway. It could sounds weird by me because I met him almost everyday in the last weeks... but the way he went away and all that shit after it had made me worried and sad. Good to see he's ok, a little smiling, no angry nor sorry but focused on his aim. 
BTW... skinny :) he still was a little fat (as a rider!) in TDU but now he's already perfect. 


"Déi Geschicht vu München ass lächerlech." Dat sot den Andy Schleck e Méindeg den Owend op RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg iwwert d'Gerüchter déi an der Lescht iwwer hien an Ëmlaf sinn.
E franséische Politiker hat jo op Facebook geschriwwen, hien hätt de Lëtzebuerger Vëlosprofi voll an engem Lift gesinn.

Hien huet awer net präziséiert, ob déi Gerüchter dann elo wouer sinn oder net.
Den Ament géif hie sech awer virun allem op de Sport konzentréieren an all Dag trainéieren.
Den Andy Schleck seet weider, datt hien optimistesch an d’Zukunft kuckt.


Anonymous said...

I haven't checked in for awhile (thought you were ending this blog?) but am glad to see you are continuing... I see I have a lot to catch up! Thanks for the posts :)

Ilaria said...

Well... yes. I met Andy, talked about, reflected a bit and that's the result :)

Anonymous said...

I am happy with the result. I adore your blog. By the way, my husband is your friend on FB since two days.

Greetings from Luxbg

Ilaria said...

Merci Maggy. Yes, I guessed that was you ;)