Yes we like... Lars van der Haar - Exclusive interview

Pic by Dirk Bruylant
I'm honoured he accepted this interview and very happy to introduce you Lars van der Haar: the guy who made thrilling the cyclocross season. Reading my blog you should already know him, his name at least and that he won the Dutch National Championship and the Bronze medal at Louisville Worlds - plus other nice results - in his first year as a pro.
I wanted to go to the Rome CX to interview him in real but finally can't so asked him a few questions now that the season is over. It ended earlier for him because of a crash but has been splendid anyway.
I'm not a cyclocross expert so be tollerant!

Ilaria: Why cyclocross? do you remember your first day ever on a cross bike? 
Lars: I started cycling around april 2002 so I was 10/11. It was summer and then it became winter and my dad asked: What do you wanna do? and because at the club I was riding at cyclecross was a big thing, I started it. It was a good day to remember, I loved it immediately .
Ilaria: Road in the future or never?
Lars: Never say Never, but at the moment I got zero ambition.
Ilaria: In cyclocross conditions are often very hard. What do you think or feel throwing yourself in a icy, rainy, maybe snowy race?
Lars: I just use a lot of concentration, staying focused before and during the race.
Ilaria: You are the fastest at the start and made some oustanding coming back to the front when dropped, so speedy and endurance are your qualities for sure. You look also very optimist and confident. Do you agree with this portrait? anything to add?
Lars: I agree, but I'm not always confident, hard muddy races are difficult for me, but I'll just keep pushing! 
Ilaria: But everybody has got a fault. What's Lar Van der Haar's one?
Lars: Being young and still making my mistakes! 
Ilaria: What's your relationship with your bike? are you also a good mechanic or just ride it and rely on the team staff?
Lars: I've been a mechanic for a couple of years as a side job during school, so yes I can do everything on my bike! 
Pic by Dirk Bruylant
Ilaria: After splendid succeses in the previous cathegories you had a wonderful first year as a pro. What has been your best day? and the worst? (I guess I know but still...)
Lars: Best days were Rome and Nationals. Worst day was WB Plzen.
Ilaria: Do you have any regrets?
Lars: Hamme-Zogge making the mistake uphill so holding on Pauwels and the rest.
Ilaria: You are very strong, very young and... no Belgian :) How did top riders like Nys, Albert etc... welcome you?
Lars: In the beginning they watched me closely, now they respect me.
Ilaria: Your girlfriend is a top cyclist too but on the road. What's the best...and the worst to share such a job (and such a passion)?
Lars: It's easy with knowing we both are away a lot.
Ilaria: Finally, your season has been stopped by a crash unfortunately. It must have been frustrating! how are you now?
Lars:  It was shit, now I almost fully recovered, but I'm already training easily! I'm feeling better and better. 
Ilaria: Thank you very much and my best wishes for everything.

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