Amstel Gold Race: Andy Schleck said...

Source http://www.radioshackleopardtrek.com/news/amstel-gold-kicks-ardennes-classics
“There was a cross-wind section at 80k to go as we entered the last part of the race.  It was really a nervous part of the race.  A crash occurred on my left and then came my way on the right.  I did quickly get back on the bike, but then I had to stop to change the wheel and the race went on ahead.  I never made it back again.  But it doesn’t change anything for my upcoming races.  I am sore in my ribs where the handlebars hit me and maybe a loss of some skin, but I’m ok.  I just lost too much time, but I’m not hurt.  I’m skinny right now and I have been doing a lot of training.  It will show sooner or later and I hope it’s sooner.  Next is Flèche and then Liège.  This was a nervous Amstel, always a constant fight to stay in position.  I felt good.  It seems unusual to say I felt good and then not finish but all in all, I didn’t feel bad.”

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