European Cycling Union New Website

"The new version of the UEC (European Cycling Union) Internet website, is online. The portal www.uec.ch gathers all the information related to the activities of the Continental Confederation: news, events calendar, archives and much more.
The European Cycling Union was founded on 7th april 1990, upon the will of 18 countries, and today 48 nations are part of it.
The function of the continental body is to develop and promote all the cycling disciplines in Europe, through the organization of the European Championships and the competitions of the European Cup, in addition to its role of connection between the National Federations and the International Cycling Union. Every year, there are more than 50 days of competition (more than 20 of them are for European Championships) that are sports events played under the UEC aegis and that concern all the two-wheeled disciplines.
UEC is also present on social networks with its official pages on Facebook:
and Twitter
www.uec.ch "

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