Fleche Wallone: Andy Schleck said...

"Je ne sais pas si je serai compétitif. Je prends les choses au jour le jour pour redevenir le meilleur possible. On verra comment cela se passe".
"I don't know if I'll be competitive. I take things day by day to get back the best I can. We will see how it will go".
According to the article - quoting Laurent Didier - RSLT is going to start again without a definite leader and try to 'show itself' attacking early, so probably breacking-away. It would be nice to see Andy in a breack and less dangerous too, I mean: in front it's harder to get caught in a crash. He isn't a favourite at all so the peloton could let him go. 
I didn't wish him 'good luck' this time because the last time it didn't work well... ehm...! I opted for "...have a spendid race". This year it's with Andy a little like with my son: at my son's race (11 yo) DS use to tell his small riders: "Race targets are: 1. enjoy 2. don't crash 3. finish 4. improve". I'll be glad if Andy achieves all those four goals today.

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