Frank Schleck's case: UCI and WADA don't apeal

UCI and WADA agree with ALAD and will NOT apeal. The given 30 days elapsed. End of the story. Frank will be back racing 7/15. Sadly after the start of the Tour de France but according with rules. Rules are maybe weird: ALAD stated Frank didn't dope and didn't take anything willingly so how can he be aware of the exact circumstances that substance - in such a small ammount - entered his body? Anyway, it's over. Unfortunately the most of people just know that 'Frank Schleck got 1 year bann for doping': I didn't see big titles about the ALAD sentence telling he didn't dope at all. That's life, that's media. I'm looking forward to see Frank and Andy Schleck racing together again :)

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Anonymous said...

Sorry for Frank but the good thing is that in 4 months time he will be able to race again. Hopefully both Andy and Frank will be super motivated to give the best of themselves.H