I don't forget

Margaret Thatcher died yesterday and it wasn't too early for a person who ruined the life of so many people and a whole country. 
I could remember her collaboration with dictator Pinochet in Chile and her support to the apartheid regime in South Africa, her merciless fight against the English workers class's organizations - meeners, rail and docks workers- her fury against the English welfare, against the European Union project...
But when I read the news I thought immediately of Bobby Sands, of those guys here: Irish Republican militants who died in prison in the 1981 hunger strike. She decided to ignore it, tortures and humiliations. If you don't know what that is read here:
...and better here:
"One day in my life" by Bobby Sands has been the first book in English I read. I was very young and struggling on each word. I was only 7 yo in 1981 but few years later, when I was about 11, my first political engagement was against Margaret Thatcher and for a free republican Ireland. When I was 14 I went to the Sinn Fein head quarter in Dublin and bought that book. It took me all my summer holydays to read it and I got shocked. I still have it and many cuts out of that time newspapers.
So that is Margaret Thatcher for me. I don't forget and I'm glad to see many people do the same around the world.

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