"I'm still the old Andy" - In short and translated: interview with Andy Schleck by Wort.lu

Pic by AFP

It's here:
In short:
1. A completely new feeling: "I can assure you that that time [after the crash] was not easy. There had been some very bad moments. Mentally it had not been always easy. But such a hard time, I did not know until now. Especially on a mental level."
2. Still a lot to do: "There is still a lot of work. I have currently a good basis and must now force myself to go forward step by step. I want to be the racer I used to be and even improve."
3. Step by step: "My first goal is different [to be back to the top level]: I want to be competitive again and to be a crucial element in a stage race, at the top of it. Then it is necessary to take the next step. I'm still the old Andy. The Andy who already celebrated some great successes. Potential and skills are still there."
The complete interview will be on tomorrow  "Luxemburger Wort"

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