In short and translated: interview with Andy Schleck by Le Quotidien

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http://www.lequotidien.lu/index.php?news=43918In short:
1. Happy for Cancellara: "I enjoyed Fabian's show and I called him after the finish."
Ardennes classics: "I'm doing all I can to be at the top of my shape and I'll see what I can do. I am not in the same shape I was the year I won Liège-Bastogne-Liège (2009). I'm in a phase where improvements come gradually. I can't target a specific goal before the start. I'm simply going to see how it goes in the race. I'll see where I am exactly."
3. Face to the wind: "I had my face to the wind as we say in cycling but it's going to change" [...] I didn't think it was going so hard to come back. [...] At the start of the season I was missing a good basis. I wasn't very good in Tour Down Under but I wasn't so bad. Some riders were getting tired earlier than me. Where I was really miserable has been at the end of 2012 season in Beijin. Not in Australia."
4. Tour Med: "I was sick. If you don't believe that, the team doc can confirm it."
5. Tirreno and Vasco: "It's a hard race with long stages.  It has been good for me even if I didn't finish the last stage. But I had done some important job. We often rode in the rain. There I gradually got used again to race in the peloton. Last week in Vasco I got rassured about that.  I was very good on my bike. Roads are winding, left, right you never know what you can meet after a curve. You can also find some goats in the middle of the road! and I was confortable on my bike."
6. On the right track: "I don't know if it will be this year or the next one [...] I can't go suddenly from nothing to high level in only six month. It's step by step. You can't train with an injury. My sacrum fracture handicaped me."
7. Criticism: "It's 8 years I'm a pro so I can tell I know a bit the cycling world. I had already saw that about other riders, it was another point of view. Here it's about me. You can't prevent people to talk but yes, sometimes it hurts me. [...] I think this hard moment is going to make me stronger."
8. A half ful glass: "The worst is over. It's behind me. I want to focus on positive things and there are a lot. I didn't see them before but now I do. I used to say the glass was half empty, now I see it half full."
9. Team mates rememebr:  "Riders who were with me  in the Tour when I won on the Tourmalet or on the  Galibier believe on me and didn't forget what I did, for myself, for the team, also for them, even if I was the one who won the stage"
10. Schedule: "Not a long break but back to training. Then Tour of California, after that a very hard training camp on the Alps or Pyrénées, or both, with reconnaissances of the Tour's stages.Then Tour de Suisse, National Championship and the Tour."
11.Contenders:  "Level increased with Sky dominance [...] Contador came to Vasco to win and strugled to finish 5th so he isn't going to be the favourite." 

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