In short: Andy Schleck's interview by CyclingWeekly

It's here: 
To be exact, that's what he said in short meet with the press before Liège-Bastogne-Liège. Nothing new here but I like the part about the new joy of training: in the past he wasn't so enthusiast about it ;)
1. Liège: "This year, I won't be the one who shapes the race on La Redoute."
2. Training: "I had a good winter. The training camp in Spain ran smoothly, but it's only in the peloton do you feel what you're missing. And that was quite a bit.. I never wanted to stop. I enjoy training now, more than before. Before it was just a necessity to be good. Now, I'm excited to get up and do a heavy training ride.
3. Critics:  "I am shocked how mean people can be at times. Some people write things just to cause to harm. I know that I have many critics, but I feel that I've done a lot for my team, for my country and for cycling."

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