In short: interview with Andy Schleck by Gara

It's here (Spanish):
In short and translated:
1. Thinking positive: "For me the most important thing is to forget the negative aspects of the past and look to the future and look for positive things. I can not be thinking about the fall of last year, in the injury or what has happened to me. My goal is to think positive and keep improving it and return to find my level. " 

2. Keeping improving: "My goal here is to move forward in my preparation, in the Criterium looked better and I hope to continue my progression here and do my best. I know I'm not yet to fight for the top places, but I want to keep improving and get to the Ardennes in the best way possible. "

3. Main goal: "I want to be myself in July" "My desire is to be the rider I've been. I know that the competition in the Tour will be great, as other riders  have advanced, but my aim is getting back in the Tour in top condition and for that I'm working, but until then I can not say if I could reach the level had before the injury. "

4. Media pressure: 'I have to assume that others can talk about the negative, but I can not be looking back, over and over again the same message. My goal is to look forward, restore confidence, continue my preparation and try to reach the Tour in the best possible condition. I have to take the media pressure to make progress, I'm glad I follow developments and I can not be thinking about what other people say but do your best work to get my level. "

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