In short: interview with Andy Schleck by Velonews

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In short:
1. TdF: “I cannot dream about winning the Tour this year. I want to be competitive in the peloton again. If it’s 40th place today or work for the team today, if I am happy with it, that’s what’s important now. I can only take small steps to go up. I believe I have the good base now. I have to work on that step-by-step. Don’t take two big steps. [...] I don’t go as the leader of the race, no. I haven’t been there last year. There are others who have the weight on their shoulders now. For me, it’s important that I have the full support of the team. We’ll see how it goes in July.”
2. A new - hard - experience: “It’s harder than I thought to come back. You can ride a lot of kilometers on your own, but when you’re back in the peloton, it’s something else. I won’t say frustrating; it’s been harder than I thought. I haven’t experienced this before in my career. It’s something new. It’s the life of a cyclist. You have ups and downs in life. When you’re down, it takes a long time to come back up again. I still love riding my bike. I really enjoy racing.”
3. Positive: “I don’t want to look or concentrate on the negative things. What happened last year, how the winter was, the past results, all of that … I just concentrate on the positive, good things. I am not done. I know I am a step behind. I have been working a lot these months. Slowly I have been getting better. I never expected it to be easy. I couldn’t work the whole winter like I wanted to, with the injury. I touch wood. I am healthy now. I can ride now almost pain-free. I still have to work a lot.”
4. Ardennes: “I don’t know if I am going to be able to compete for the best. I take it day-by-day to get the best possible shape for the classics and we’ll see how far I can go.”
5. Schedule:  Amgen Tour of California, a training camp, Tour de Suisse, and the Tour.

6. Fighting: “When I am good, everybody stands behind you. When things are not going [good for] you, then you see who truly stands behind you. I want to come back to who I was and I want to be better than I was before. There is a lot of work still to do. I have to [admit] it. I have the wind in my face. I am fighting against it.”
My opinion
I don't see how that should be a news: Andy never said he was going to win next Tour of even to be the team leader. He said he's doing his best to be ready for it and to be back to his level. Results nobody can tell now. I don't agree with the negative view this article gives. Read it all anyway.

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