Liège-Bastogne-Liège start list, philosophy and cows

Liège is a beautiful city. A fusion of history, modern age and contemporary mood. The race makes it more beautiful and it's a pride to host the oldest one-day race on the cycling calendar. First edition of Liège–Bastogne–Liège was organized in 1892 by the newspaper L'Expresse. The first race was for amateurs, from Spa to Bastogne and back and Leon Houa was the winner. He also won the first race for professional riders, in 1894. 33 riders started, just 17 finished and they were all Belgian. Houa's time was 11 hours. Léon Lhoest, 2nd, finished 22' after him and the 3rd, Louis Rasquinet, at 44 minutes, but the last one crossed the line 5 hours later! The race used to finish in Liège city centre till when, in 1992,  the line was moved to Ans.  The Côte de Saint Nicolas was added to the final kilometres with a final climb to the finish in Ans. This year the race route is different because the Roche aux Faucons (where Andy attacked when he won) has been removed from the race this year due to road works and replaced by the Colonster, a 2.4 km climb (average gradient of 6 per cent) 17 kilometers to go.
File:La Redoute.jpgToday teams have been presented. This time RSLT has got a leader and he's Maxim Monfort, so they are going to race for him and that should make things better. Andy Schleck said that "Liège is hard if you are not 100%" and, in the recon, "I wish I was a cow". The second quote had more success than the first one and fairly. It's wiser and deeper than you can suppose... in fact how wise and happy other animals look! and how much in harmony with nature! how serene and good their life seems when cows are placidly ruminating beside the road, watching with distand and good big eyes the russhing peloton or a sweating break-away... There is a long tradition in philosophy about that topic and as a philosopher I'm very glad that my rider shows an interest in it.
Anyway the first quote deserves attention too. Andy in Ardennes is demonstrating a very good shape compared to his previous condition. He's definitely improving. But he isn't 100% and absolutely isn't at his normal level for this period of the year. He's going to work for Monfort and if he will abandone or get dropped I will not repeat my mistake saying I'm disappointed because I learnt the lesson he gave me once again.
We are very different, Andy and I, and very similar in the deep. But he's  more coherent than me. I really apreciate the fact he doesn't care about others' opinion and I'd say - in a very good meaning - about the main stream morality. As far as I know him - and he can tell I'm wrong - he lives his life in his own way, he does what he wants to do and doesn't do what he doesn't want to do. He's loyal in first toward himself and jealous of his own ideas. Too often we think authomaticly, we end to support a low moralism reflecting values we probably don't share if we can see them clearly. Don't worry, I'm not  trying to demonstrate Andy is a philosopher or a conscious libre penseur, but a free spirit yes, I think he is. That makes him different and special. That's something I really love of him.
Source http://www.procyclingstats.com/race/116911022-Liege-Bastogne-Liege-2013-Startlist
Crelan-Euphony241. BUEKEN Joeri
242. DELFOSSE Sebastien
243. DEVILLERS Gilles
244. HONIG Reinier
245. JUODVALKIS Egidijus
246. PREMONT Christophe
247. SYS Klaas
248. VANTOMME Maxime

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