Roubaix: they said...

In RSLT's bus
Cancellara:  “I was in another world of riding!  I still don’t know how I did it. I was dropped and pretty far back but then I started to move up.  This is a race you can never give up on until the end.  I had to play with him in the end because I tried to go away but he followed so then I knew it was man against man.  I’m happy for the team and for me.  Now I look forward to rest and a holiday. Mission accomplished. [...] It’s amazing having a third victory.  When I see how in this race everyone was against our team, against me, I just had to do a selection.  The team came into a little bit of difficulty because we lost a few guys because of bad luck.  But that’s Roubaix.  It’s always nice to win alone but today there was pure fighting until the very end.  I could not believe it when I crossed the finish line.  My legs and my head wanted to bring me here.”

DS Dirk Demol “I was nervous the whole day.  We knew what we were facing.  We knew we had the best rider and best team.  But I told the guys this race wasn’t only for Fabian, it was for the whole team.  We weren’t riding for second place, only the victory.  I know Vanmarcke very well.  He’s from my neighborhood and I knew he would be a fighter.  I told Fabian to ride to keep him working and not make any mistakes.  He had to stay focused as we knew Vanmarcke could do a good sprint.  It was too bad Stybar crashed.  This was perfect for him.  But this time others had the bad luck and we had the good.  That’s the way it goes in Roubaix.  Fabian feels this race.  That really helps in a race.  He’s good at that.  Really good.” 
Sep Vanmarcke:  "I know that I should be very proud of this especially with my fall in Tirreno-Adriatico still etched on my mind. Paris-Roubaix was actually the only race wherein I could still perform. To be honest, I had my doubts but the team stood behind me and I am very thankful for that. At the finish, I felt pretty good about my chances - after all, Cancellara is also human! I saw that he was also tired and he could not shake me in the last kilometres That gave me an enormous boost. That's why second place feels so frustrating - I don't know if I’ll have another chance to win Paris-Roubaix. I just can't fully appreciate what second means at this moment." 
"After watching the race again, a short night, and 1000 new sprints in my head I still lost Paris-Roubaix yesterday. I can't change it. But all the proud people and nice messages are helping me to see that 2nd place in a positive way."
SD Jan Boven: "Of course the win is always the goal but I look at how we did today and the fact that the four men we were counting on  rose to the occasion - that's a beautiful thing. Since the E3, we made some serious strides."
Niki Terpstra: "Happy 3th!!!"  "I wasn't on the highest step of the podium like my son. My dream is to win this race but I'm very happy with this third place too as I was really bad last week in the Ronde. Things were looking great for us as we had two men out of four up front. That allowed for a tactical game. But they crashed out which is really sad for them. It's good we were still able to salvage this third place. It's the result of a good team performance and this podium result is theirs too. My third place was only possible because they fell back." "When Cancellara attacked I was switching bikes. Earlier I was always on his wheel and I should have been on his wheel at that moment too but I wasn't. I couldn't hold him. In the end I was able to close the gap to the front group quite quickly and being able to do that so quickly gave me a kick."
"Just before entering the vélodrome the three of us [Terpstra, Van Avermaet and Gaudin] rode away from the group of six. I felt really good and Zdenek was covering the move behind me. For once I figured I had the right to play team tactics and skip the work in our group. I noticed the other two were looking at the other side of the track to see what was going on. I couldn't be bothered because I'll see it on TV later. I focused on a podium result. I felt good... reasonably good after such a distance. I felt quite sure until we had to manoeuvre to the outside as another group was coming by. I used my experience from the track to sneak through the inside. I've been racing on the track for ten years which is more than enough training. It was time to bring it to practice. It finally delivers."

"As weak as I was last week, as strong I was today. Maybe Tom Boonen's crash possibly influenced my performance then. It was hard to make the switch and I wasn't having a good day. Right after the Ronde I was having doubts for Roubaix. The next day I spent time with the kids at the playground and recharged the batteries. From there I started training again and re-adjusted things. I was very motivated to show what I was capable of. I felt so strong that I was very confident when starting Paris-Roubaix."

Zdenek Stybar: "Sooooo many tweets! Thank you soo much. I did my best as all #OPQS but.... I would say: BUT one day we'll hit back!" 
"Couldn't fall a sleep, early wake up, walking down our stairs was my biggest effort so far. #ParisRoubaix #dayafter

Andre Greipel : "Have to say that this hell doesn't apologize mistakes. Sorry for the @Lotto_Belisol supports...we could have done better. Next step resting"

Jürgen Roelandts "Puncture on thé moment of the race, afterwards bikechange. Could never get in front again #dissapointed."

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