Cycling can go to hell! (till next Andy's race)

Pic by (c)IlariaPranzini
Every year I eagerly wait for the start of the road season, follow each race as a dog runs after each butterfly, happy to find again the old circus and curious about the new ones. Then I begin the countdown for the first race of Andy and when it comes my time is completely absorbed by the race's time, I barely notice a week has passed. I go on working in school and looking after my son but that's like an unavoidable interlude: serious stuff is the race, the after race comments, the finish order, pictures and videos. 
I apreciate a beautiful race but when Andy is racing it's different and when that race is over I feel empty and disorientated. Just after that I feel a slight disgust for cycling and races in general, especially for races I can only watch in tv. I start planning travels and booking: I miss the smell of the race and something original to write, something that I have seen by my eyes and lived in person. 
Finally I get bored and waiting for Andy to race again I move my focus from cycling to other interests, philosophy especially. I read my last post and think: mhm! that's banal, that's nothing special really, everybody could have written it. Maybe I'm too strict because I like to write those Sum Ups to check where each rider stands and when I find some statistics I'm even happier. I like to compare: often it show things are very different than our subjective feeling of it. But usually at the end of February I think: cycling can go to hell! I don't give a shit! -
Strade Bianche, Tirreno and Paris-Nice catch again my soul, especially when Andy is racing in Italy, and I totally forget about my previous decision to send cycling to hell. In April I'm completely fascinated and it lasts till the end of July, when the end of the Tour de France gives me the blues. Andy disapears and I go somewhere riding or trekking. 
Then La Vuelta brings me back to the screan: it's my favourite big tour! I'm usually in my country home and alternate a full immersion in philosphy study and a passionate coverage of my Spanish race. Sometimes Andy goes racing to the USA and I lost my time zone - in holyday you can and in August I'm unemployed. Sometimes I go watching the Worlds: when they are in Italy, when Andy is racing. But we are not very committed, Andy and me. The last Italian races are more a way to say good-bye than a goal. Some confused weeks... and fortunately the cyclocross season starts.
Last year this time I wanted to close down the blog, I went to Camaiore talking with Andy and came back decided to go on writing about him. I didn't change my mind. But waiting for him to race again... to the hell cycling and all cycling stuff!


Anonymous said...

What if blogging about female cyclist or other team female/males or other cyclist instead of just Andy I know this blog is about Andy Schleck but there plenty of others you can write, interview about instead of Andy Schleck. I think he done cycling he doesn't have a heart like in 2010, so I moved on with other teams and other cyclists. I write on my facebook mostly of different people in the team mostly.

Anonymous said...

You can change your blog up for other people to be interested in of other sports, movie, TV Shows( Sitcoms), actors,actress. Maybe that just an Idea.

Ilaria said...

OMG! or also LOOOL! :D I'm not payed to run a blog! and since 2008 I have writtem NOT only about Andy Schleck! If you check the 'Yes we like' you find more than 20 interviews with different riders. I covered tons of races where Andy wasn't racing and even made some reportage from there. I support female cycling but I'm not interested in it so sometimes I write about but I couldn't run a blog about it.
Sorry but reading those comments I got the idea you have never read my blog before!

Alexis Bortz said...
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Alexis Bortz said...

I read your blogs I find it funny someone trying to give you ideas what to do which you already do. XD I love your blogs since it started it's really good. Reading this blog I have a same feeling what you written. Just forget what they wrote lol it's not worth it. I can't wait for more of your blogs :)

( I had to repost because messed up some words)