Delayed (birthday)

By Teatro dell'Ozio Firenze : thx for the special cake presentation
Ready to go celebrating!
Best gift from yesterday: do you get what it is? I had always dramt to have one!
..but the best gift arrived early this mornig
I have problem with special days. Honestly, I hate them, my birthday especially. In spite I plann to make the best of it, it always turn out to be a dreadful day. 
First of all I'm often sick, with fever, pain at my back and headache as if my body was revolting against the idea that it should be nice. Yesterday it was my birtday and I was sick indead. I didn't change my plann, so in the morning I worked hard on my essay about Sartre, in the afternoon I covered Dwars door Vlaanderen and Volta a Catalunya - splendid races that cheered me up a little - and went for dinner by my parents.
During the day I collected a lot of b-day wishes and must really thank you for them because in such a bad mood they definitely helped. I got a few gifts too and the best one is a carillon with a little ballerina: I had always dramt to have one and I had told my mom some months ago and she remembered. That has been very nice.
I got also a really amazing gift: do you remember my goldmother who used to leave the Bella Vita in Luxembourg? She died long time ago and I found out yesterday that she left me something special for my 40th birthday: a small pretty gold watch.
My son and I went to celebrate by Teatro dell'Ozio, a splendid café where you can eat and drink yummy things in a very elegant and confortable milieu and buy anything you see! Try it if you are in Florence :) Last night they surprised me by a special cake presentation.
But the best gift arrived today, in the early morning... You can see what a smile it induced on my face. And today of course I feel perfectly good: it's a normal day and... well... maybe in spite of all my busy love and I will find the way to make it right.

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