Fleche Wallone: Start List and more

Warren Barguil: at the start
That's my favourite Classic. Short and tough. Le Mur d'Huy, mytical place I climbed once - on foot, sweating in spite it was cold. This year I'm going to miss it: I'll be at school. That's probably why I feel a little detached... 
It comes after the Amstel and before Liège but greatly differs from both. It's way shorter than La Doyenne, it's more explosive than the Amstel Race. Last Sunday's favourites are not the main favourites tomorrow but who wins here could be good for next Sunday. Teams are more or less the same but there are significant changes according the different qualities required by the race and as a consequences of last Sunday's crashes. By the way: Rodriguez is in. 
On paper la Fleche suits Betancour very well but on Sunday he didn't look brilliant and maybe he's saving energy fo Liège.  You can say the same of many in the start list and it's hard to find a rider openly aiming to this race. Anyway... I bet on a French guy.
Official Site with race dettails: http://www.letour.fr/la-fleche-wallonne/2014/us/
To watch it on streaming: http://www.cyclingfans.com/fleche-wallonne/live


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