Liège-Bastogne-Liège: The Oldest

Ten côtes on the way to Bastogne and back, ten nasty hills and back to the classic route. They are:
1. Côte de la Roche-en-Ardennes: km 70
2. Côte de Sain Roch: km 123
3. Côte de Wanne: km 167
4. Côte de Stockeu: km 173.5
5. Côte de la Haute-Levée: km 179
6. Côte de la Vecquée: km 201
7. Côte de la Redoute: km 218.5
8. Côte des Forges: km 231.5
9. Côte de la Roche-aux-Faucons: km 243.5
10. Côte de Saint Nicolas km 257.5
I have been there twice, in 2010 and in 2011, always at the finish. In 2009 I was jumping in front of the telly watching my rider's glorious victory. Long time ago. But this is the oldest among the Classics and it has seen many and many champions winning and by the time disapearing. 
Held in 1892 for the first time it has been basicly a Belgian thing till 1978, with few exceptional victories by no Belgian riders, since there it became more international, as well as cycling itself.
It's also one of the longests. Milano-San Remo is longer but if you consider the route it's easy to see how Liège is definitely harder. It's a race for climbers or finisseurs with a strong climbing attitude. It's a race to be win on tactics as well as on power and no doubt with the vital support of a strong team. Some Liège are perfect, some others are surprising. Liège is like a song.
For me lately it sounds a little sad.

All Times Winners

1892 Belgium Léon Houa (BEL)
1893 Belgium Léon Houa (BEL)
1894 Belgium Léon Houa (BEL)
No race
1908 France André Trousselier (FRA)
1909 Belgium Victor Fastre (BEL)
1910 No race
1911 Belgium Joseph Van Daele (BEL)
1912 Belgium Omer Verschoore (BEL)
1913 Belgium Maurits Moritz (BEL)
No race
1919 Belgium Leon Devos (BEL)
1920 Belgium Léon Scieur (BEL) La Sportive
1921 Belgium Louis Mottiat (BEL) La Sportive
1922 Belgium Louis Mottiat (BEL) Alcyon
1923 Belgium René Vermandel (BEL) Alcyon
1924 Belgium René Vermandel (BEL) Alcyon
1925 Belgium Georges Ronsse (BEL)
1926 Belgium Dieudonné Smets (BEL)
1927 Belgium Maurice Raes (BEL)
1928 Belgium Ernest Mottard (BEL)
1929 Belgium Alfons Schepers (BEL)
1930 Germany Hermann Buse (GER) Duerkopp
1931 Belgium Alfons Schepers (BEL) La Francaise
1932 Belgium Marcel Houyoux (BEL)
1933 Belgium François Gardier (BEL) Cycles De Pas
1934 Belgium Theo Herckenrath (BEL) La Francaise
1935 Belgium Alfons Schepers (BEL) Dilecta
1936 Belgium Albert Beckaert (BEL) Alcyon
1937 Belgium Eloi Meulenberg (BEL) Alcyon
1938 Belgium Alfons Deloor (BEL) Helyett
1939 Belgium Albert Ritserveldt (BEL) Dilecta-De Dion
No race
1943 Belgium Richard Depoorter (BEL) Helyett
1944 No race
1945 Belgium Jean Engels (BEL) Alcyon
1946 Belgium Prosper Depredomme (BEL) Dilecta-Wolber-Garin
1947 Belgium Richard Depoorter (BEL) Garin-Wolber
1948 Belgium Maurice Mollin (BEL) Mercier-Hutchinson
1949 France Camille Danguillaume (FRA) Peugeot-Dunlop
1950 Belgium Prosper Depredomme (BEL) Girardengo-Garin
1951 Switzerland Ferdinand Kübler (SUI) Frejus-Fiorelli-Tebag
1952 Switzerland Ferdinand Kübler (SUI) Frejus-Tebag
1953 Belgium Alois De Hertog (BEL) Alcyon-Dunlop
1954 Luxembourg Marcel Ernzer (LUX) Terrot-Hutchinson
1955 Belgium Stan Ockers (BEL) Elvé-Peugeot
1956 Belgium Fred De Bruyne (BEL) Mercier-BP-Hutchinson
1957 Belgium Frans Schoubben (BEL) (victory shared with Germain Derycke) Elvé-Peugeot
1957 Belgium Germain Derycke (BEL) (victory shared with Frans Schoubben) Faema-Guerra
1958 Belgium Fred De Bruyne (BEL) Carpano
1959 Belgium Fred De Bruyne (BEL) Carpano
1960 Netherlands Albertus Geldermans (NED) St.Raphael
1961 Belgium Rik Van Looy (BEL) Faema
1962 Belgium Jef Planckaert (BEL) Flandria-Faema-Clement
1963 Belgium Frans Melckenbeeck (BEL) Mercier-BP-Hutchinson
1964 Belgium Willy Blocklandt (BEL) Flandria-Romero
1965 Italy Carmine Preziosi (ITA) Pelforth-Sauvage-Lejeune
1966 France Jacques Anquetil (FRA) Ford Hutchinson
1967 Belgium Walter Godefroot (BEL) Flandria-De Clerck
1968 Belgium Walter Van Sweefelt (BEL) Smiths
1969 Belgium Eddy Merckx (BEL) Faema
1970 Belgium Roger De Vlaeminck (BEL) Flandria-Mars
1971 Belgium Eddy Merckx (BEL) Molteni
1972 Belgium Eddy Merckx (BEL) Molteni
1973 Belgium Eddy Merckx (BEL) Molteni
1974 Belgium Georges Pintens (BEL) MIC-De Gribaldy-Ludo
1975 Belgium Eddy Merckx (BEL) Molteni-Campagnolo
1976 Belgium Joseph Bruyère (BEL) Molteni-Campagnolo
1977 France Bernard Hinault (FRA) Gitane-Campagnolo
1978 Belgium Joseph Bruyère (BEL) C&A
1979 Germany Dietrich Thurau (GER) IJsboerke-Warncke Eis
1980 France Bernard Hinault (FRA) Renault-Elf-Gitane
1981 Switzerland Josef Fuchs (SUI) Cilo-Aufina
1982 Italy Silvano Contini (ITA) Bianchi-Poggio
1983 Netherlands Steven Rooks (NED) Sem-France Loire
1984 Republic of Ireland Sean Kelly (IRL) Skil-Sem-Reydell
1985 Italy Moreno Argentin (ITA) Sammontana-Bianchi
1986 Italy Moreno Argentin (ITA) Sammontana-Bianchi
1987 Italy Moreno Argentin (ITA) Gewiss-Bianchi
1988 Netherlands Adri van der Poel (NED) PDM-Concorde
1989 Republic of Ireland Sean Kelly (IRL) PDM-Concorde
1990 Belgium Eric Van Lancker (BEL) Panasonic-Sportlife
1991 Italy Moreno Argentin (ITA) Ariostea
1992 Belgium Dirk De Wolf (BEL) Gatorade-Chateau d'Ax
1993 Denmark Rolf Sørensen (DEN) Carrera Jeans-Tassoni
1994 Russia Eugeni Berzin (RUS) Gewiss-Ballan
1995 Switzerland Mauro Gianetti (SUI) Polti-Granarolo-Santini
1996 Switzerland Pascal Richard (SUI) MG Maglificio-Technogym
1997 Italy Michele Bartoli (ITA) MG Maglificio-Technogym
1998 Italy Michele Bartoli (ITA) Asics-CGA
1999 Belgium Frank Vandenbroucke (BEL) Cofidis
2000 Italy Paolo Bettini (ITA) Mapei-Quick Step
2001 Switzerland Oscar Camenzind (SUI) Lampre-Daikin
2002 Italy Paolo Bettini (ITA) Mapei-Quick Step
2003 United States Tyler Hamilton (USA) Team CSC
2004 Italy Davide Rebellin (ITA) Gerolsteiner
2005 Kazakhstan Alexandre Vinokourov (KAZ) T-Mobile Team
2006 Spain Alejandro Valverde (ESP) Caisse d'Epargne-Illes Balears
2007 Italy Danilo Di Luca (ITA) Liquigas
2008 Spain Alejandro Valverde (ESP) Caisse d'Epargne
2009 Luxembourg Andy Schleck (LUX) Team Saxo Bank
2010 Kazakhstan Alexandre Vinokourov (KAZ) Astana
2011 Belgium Philippe Gilbert (BEL) Omega Pharma-Lotto
2012 Kazakhstan Maxim Iglinsky (KAZ) Astana
2013 Republic of Ireland Daniel Martin (IRL) Garmin-Sharp

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