Liège: What Dan Martin said (and what he probably DIDN'T hit)

Embedded image permalink"The team rode a beautiful race today. We did everything right and they gave everything for me all day. I hit a patch of something on the road, I don't know exactly what happened - it was like falling out of a tree - and down I went. Before I knew it, it was over. I think there were tears in my eyes before I hit the floor. I'm just so sorry. I know in my heart we did everything we could have to get me where I needed to be. I'm heartbroken I couldn't deliver the win for the team but I'm proud of how they rode for me and of Tom finishing 6th. We'll just have to come back next year and try again."

 Gary hobbs@Gazza_melv:

I was stood right on the corner. This was on the road exactly where you crashed !"

Daniel Martin:  "Just to clear things up, i didnt clip my pedal and dont think i hit a pen. We believe there was oil on the road. Whatever. I went splat ‪#‎end‬

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