Pink Socks

Embedded image permalinkThis morning I went to school wearing pink socks and a flowered skirt over my black leggins. It's a protest against this shit weather. 
Enough! I'm totally fed up with heavy gray sky, rain, cold. I'm fed up with driving my car instead of riding my bike. I'm fed up with skipping son's trainings and races because of the weather. What a spring! 
Now, I know that pink socks are just a symbolic, uneffective protest. Nevertheless they cheer me up and I really need to. I'm depressed. No will to do anything, no joy in doing anything and especially in being with others. I'm very unsociable at the moment and that makes me think of a sign I saw: "Don't pet the porcupine". Yeah, don't pet it. 
Almost all annoys me. I could spend the whole day in bed sleeping or reading if I wasn't compelled to wake up by mom's duties. I'm quite happy to go to work because philosphy is one of the few things I like no matter what. But I don't feel like to write, to watch cycling, to chat or even check the social networks. Who cares? not me.
Do you wonder why I'm so down? me too. I can't get it clearly. I guess that the unhappy end of my relationship with that busy guy didn't help to lighten up my mood, and Andy Schleck's persistent 'bad luck' (or what ever it is) contributes to the general sadness. But I'm sure it isn't just that. 
Is it going to pass? Probably it is. That doesn't make it better now. At least I learnt that to go somewhere you must step forward, never backward.
BDW my next race is the Giro: I'll go to Sestola and Trieste. Meanwhile I'll try to put myself together again.

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