De Panne 3: A Risky Second Win for Sacha Modolo

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Dangerous final with several laps in the city of De Panne, in a gimkana amongh roundabouts and other urban obstacles. Riders passing everywhere in a pure Belgian style.
There was a break-away: Segers, De Man, Steels, Thomson and Maaskant. 11 km to go, break almost caught,  Thomson and Segers attacked and gained a slight advantage. They started in front the last lap of 8 km but got caught 4 km to go, Thomson first, then Segers. The bunch sprint was launched and trains started to fight shoulder against shoulder for the best position.
Embedded image permalinkAbout 3 km to go a big crash involved a few riders, included OPQS sprinter Andy Fenn. Approaching the finish in a very fast rush Kenny Dehaes went down in a corner and straight against a barrier. In front Lampre had taken control and Sacha Modolo won again, passing left very close to the barrier - in a very risky way - and outsprinting Andrea Guardini.

1. Modolo
2. Guardini 
3. Van Hummel
1. Gert Steegmans

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