Giro d'Italia 19: Up The Big Tomb, winners and losers

Quintana at the start
Nairo Quintana is pink and pinker. But today Fabio Aru, the young rider from Sardinia, already in White and stage winner, upset the Giro overall. He went so fast that he passed Rafal Majka, 3' ahead. Quintana was faster. Domenico Pozzovivo was also very fast. 
Speedy re-shaped the race standings up the Monte Grappa - where a whole generation died, a huge tomb, a monument to human nonsense. Is it right to scream for joy on such a place of death and desperation? Many forget and many even don't know. After the race Fabio Aru is going to bring flowers for the pelotn to the Sacrario atop Monte Grappa. The Giro remember.
Bike switch
And today many hopes also died. Pink is not a colour for funerals. Seconds made the tomb big and bigger. Results say all in a TT. Cadel Evans, Rafal Majka, Wilco Kelderman and also Rigoberto Uran are today losers. They lost time and positions when they were  supposed to gain
Today winners are Quintana (of course and in any sense) and Fabio Aru, but also Sebastian Henao and Dario Cataldo: the Sky duo made a splendid race and they both improved their GC (Cataldo is now 28, Henao 21, so a top 20 result is possible).
Henao: Continued his impressive debut Grand Tour
Sebastian Henao
As far as TFR: Kiserlovski managed to keep his 10th place in GC and that's already a good result. The same you can tell about other riders not especially strong against the clock who didn't even hope to gain time. Hesjedal was unlucky: a mechanical problem forced him to change his bike a second time, after the switch from tt bike to normal one. By the way: almost all favourites do that so it wasn't an advantage for nobody. But Kelderman didn't and he lost... not sure that's the reason.
Is the Giro already over? tomorrow is the Zoncolan... then Gemona-Trieste (and I'll be there).
Rafal Majka

Team Tinkoff DS Lars Michaelsen:"Before the start of the stage Rafa still suffered from stomachaches and obviously that had an impact on his performance today. It's a sad way to lose our position but that's how it is. Now, we're facing one more stage in the mountains and I'd like to say that we'll be attacking from the gun but if Rafa's feeling the same way, that wouldn't be the wisest tactics. We can only hope that he'll recover over night and we'll see how he's feeling tomorrow," 

Team Lotto-Belisol on Twitter: "Unfortunately finished outside the time limit in the time trial after he broke his chain two times! That means that two days before the end has to leave the race. "

What Robert Kiserlovski said: 
“I was happy today, I know I can improve, but it’s okay. For me I prefer to have three climbs before, but I know it’s like this and I must work on the time trial for the future. It is my weakness. First part of the TT I was good, then in the middle I lost a bit of concentration.  I pulled it together and finished strong again. One more hard stage and the suffering is over. But tomorrow is really hard.  I don’t like the climb tomorrow; I know it fairly well as it is close to my home. I have raced it three times and in training maybe done it four to five times.  It’s too steep. It works the arms more than the legs. It’s just not the type of climb I prefer, but I hope tomorrow will be okay, if all goes well I should keep the 10th place.”

TFR DS Adriano Baffi about Riccardo Zoidl: “Riccardo is strong in the TT. The problem is that he has gotten a little tendonitis in the last part of the Giro and we did ask him to not give 100% today. The result is not a surprise for us - he is still far from the performance of the leaders, but this is a good sign for the future. He had trouble at the start of the Giro, maybe too much pressure, maybe a result from coming back from the broken collarbone, but it is good to see him ride stronger in the third week. He should be good for the Tour of Austria – we will see if he profits from the Giro.”

What Cadel Evans said:
"Technically, I rode a pretty good time trial. You never do perfect, but you can hope to be close. For what I had, I got most of it out on the road. Zoncolan is not a long climb, but it is a very, very hard climb. We are in the third week of a very hard tour and a lot can still happen. As we will probably see today, the small differences make a big difference in the third week, especially in a grand tour as hard as this one."


1 Nairo Alexander QUINTANA ROJAS COL MOV 24 1:05:37
2 Fabio ARU ITA AST 24 +17
3 Rigoberto URAN URAN COL OPQ 27 +1:26
4 Pierre ROLLAND FRA EUC 28 +1:57
5 Domenico POZZOVIVO ITA ALM 32 +2:24
6 Franco PELLIZOTTI ITA AND 36 +3:22
7 Rafal MAJKA POL TCS 25 +3:28
8 Sebastian HENAO GOMEZ COL SKY 21 +3:48
9 Tim WELLENS BEL LTB 23 +4:00
10 Dario CATALDO ITA SKY 29 +4:10
11 Cadel EVANS AUS BMC 37 +4:26
12 Stefano PIRAZZI ITA BAR 27 +4:34
13 Riccardo ZOIDL AUT TFR 26 +4:42
14 Edoardo ZARDINI ITA BAR 25 +4:46
15 Francis MOUREY FRA FDJ 34 +4:46
16 Wilco KELDERMAN NED BEL 23 +4:52
17 Enrico BATTAGLIN ITA BAR 25 +5:11
18 Alexandre GENIEZ FRA FDJ 26 +5:11
19 Hubert DUPONT FRA ALM 34 +5:20
20 Rodolfo Andres TORRES AGUDELO COL COL 27 +5:22
21 Robert KISERLOVSKI CRO TFR 28 +5:26
22 Mattia CATTANEO ITA LAM 24 +5:28
23 Francesco Manuel BONGIORNO ITA BAR 24 +5:29
25 Winner ANACONA GOMEZ COL LAM 26 +5:35
26 Ryder HESJEDAL CAN GRS 34 +5:39
27 Maxime MONFORT BEL LTB 31 +5:53
28 Perrig QUEMENEUR FRA EUC 30 +6:14
29 Emanuele SELLA ITA AND 33 +6:15
30 Wouter POELS NED OPQ 27 +6:15


1 Nairo Alexander QUINTANA ROJAS Colombia MOV 24 79:03:45
2 Rigoberto URAN URAN Colombia OPQ 27 +3:07
3 Fabio ARU Italy AST 24 +3:48
4 Pierre ROLLAND France EUC 28 +5:26
5 Domenico POZZOVIVO Italy ALM 32 +6:16
6 Rafal MAJKA Poland TCS 25 +6:59
7 Cadel EVANS Australia BMC 37 +9:25
8 Wilco KELDERMAN Netherlands BEL 23 +9:29
9 Ryder HESJEDAL Canada GRS 34 +10:11
10 Robert KISERLOVSKI Croatia TFR 28 +13:59
11 Alexis VUILLERMOZ France ALM 26 +22:33
12 Alexandre GENIEZ France FDJ 26 +24:29
13 Ivan BASSO Italy CAN 37 +28:37
14 Franco PELLIZOTTI Italy AND 36 +30:26
15 Maxime MONFORT Belgium LTB 31 +31:09
16 Hubert DUPONT France ALM 34 +33:35
17 Matteo RABOTTINI Italy NRI 27 +37:34
18 Damiano CUNEGO Italy LAM 33 +45:48
19 Andre Fernando S. Martins CARDOSO Portugal GRS 30 +47:19
20 Michael ROGERS Australia TCS 35 +52:42
21 Sebastian HENAO GOMEZ Colombia SKY 21 +53:10
22 José HERRADA LOPEZ Spain MOV 29 +55:06
23 Wouter POELS Netherlands OPQ 27 +55:26
24 Steve MORABITO Switzerland BMC 31 +56:59
25 Samuel SANCHEZ GONZALEZ Spain BMC 36 +58:47
26 Fabio Andres DUARTE AREVALO Colombia COL 28 +1:02:37
27 Gianluca BRAMBILLA Italy OPQ 27 +1:06:25
28 Dario CATALDO Italy SKY 29 +1:07:07
29 Georg PREIDLER Austria GIA 24 +1:08:05
30 Serge PAUWELS Belgium OPQ 31 +1:10:31

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