Giro d'Italia 7: DNS (and BMC about race after the crash)

After  yesterday massacre on the way to Cassino several riders abandoned dued to injuries and the peloton is down to 190.
Teams' press releases seemed war bulletins this morning.
Favourite Joaquim Rodrigeuz (Katusha) fractured three ribs and a finger.  Team mates Giampaolo Caruso and Angel Vicioso also abandoned: Vicioso suffered a threefold complex right femur fracture while Caruso has got 'only' a bad hip consussion, but he was riding with a fractured scaphoid...
Brett Lancaster (Orica-GreenEdge) did not start: a fractured hand for him.
Flens, Kruijswijk, Amador, Tuft, Meyer and Roche started despite minor fractures, abrasions, cuts, bruises and fevers. 
Maxime Méderel (Europcar) just abandoned after 9 km of race. 
The weather was uncertain at the start but the road should be a little better: no 'saponata'. And hopefully no crashes!
Ramón Carretero (Neri Sottoli) also has abandoned.

BMC about their race after the crash:
"It was big stress for the riders because we knew today was really, really dangerous," BMC Racing Team Sport Director Fabio Baldato said. "What happened in the final, I am really sorry for everybody because the race was full gas and that roundabout was important. It was 70 kph and the tailwind made the speed crazy and it was just 1.5 km before the climb. Everybody was fighting to be in good position. We were there to keep Cadel safe at the bottom of the climb. I'm really sorry for everybody who was in the crash."
Cadel Evans said that he heard the noise of a crash but did not look back in order to stay upright himself. "It was only when I saw our group was so small and the types of riders that were there that, that it wasn't because of the normal racing conditions that we had a selection like that unfortunately. The communication in the final isn't clear and to make rational decisions for such an unexpected situation isn't easy. Our job is to race and to race to the finish. That's the first thing on our mind. What happened behind, I really have no idea. I haven't seen it. Unfortunately, it has been a very bad day for some of the riders."
Baldato said Ben Hermans, Samuel Sánchez and Danilo Wyss were all involved in the crash but not seriously injured. "It is never nice when you see so many riders on the ground," Baldato said. "It was a nervous stage and we knew the roads were difficult, which, in rain, can be very slippery," he said. "We did the race like usual, always in the front." Morabito, who finished sixth to move into fourth overall, 1:25 back, said he knew the rain would make for a treacherous run-in to the finishing climb. "For that reason, we were in front leading the group," he said. "We have prepared for this Giro at the best and we are really focused on that."

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