Giro d'Italia: The Italian COMPLOTTO

I collected just a few documents and reactions. Fact is that the large majority of the Teams at the Giro 'misunderstood' Radio Corsa comunication. That's already weird. Even weirder than now Movistar gets fined (in money) to have not respected the Commisairs' indications. So, who was right?
Quintana is in Pink. If you win the Giro... who cares about money? It seems that teams asked a 55'' penality instead and OPQS boss goes further asking Race Director Vegni to resign cfr here:
What's next? a strike? 
In my opinion DS are right (and the Giro Direction is wrong) because that mess alterated the race and brought to results nobosy can accept as valid.
I agree, probably Quintana was going to attack on the last climb and drop Uran anyway but gap would have been different. In add, Dario Cataldo was likely to win the stage.
It could be that DS got it wrong but Movistar pretended to see nothing when there was obviously a strange situation: why was everybaody stopping and taking it easy? were they all mad? 
Let me add a more evil note: Italians love conspirancies (COMPLOTTO) and on Italian newspapers Quintana was told to be the next Giro winner since before the start and in spite his performances didn't seem to support that endorsement. I don't say they 'made it on purpose' but when they saw that it was Quintana attacking in the descent they... neutralised the neutralisation!! a bit suspect, isn't it?
Team Tinkoff-Saxo:
"Chaos reigned on top of Stelvio, on the descent from the Cima Coppi and in the valley leading to the final climb. The 16th stage of Giro d’Italia was a beautiful and dramatic stage but turned controversial after the race jury announced that the descent would be neutralized. The vast majority of the teams heard it and followed the order from the race organizers but few teams including Movistar, Garmin and Europcar attacked on top of Passo dello Stelvio.
“We clearly heard over the race radio that the race jury asked us to transmit to our riders that the red flag would be raised for the riders on the descent. The red flag is indecisive and means that it’s not allowed to attack from the group, explains Sport Director Lars Michaelsen after the stage that saw the GC being turned upside down.
“We told our riders that they were asked by RCS to take it slow on the descent from Stelvio. So we stopped on the top to make sure that they had the proper clothing for a slow and cold descent. But Movistar and Quintana attacked and Hesjedal and Rolland followed”, continues Lars Michaelsen and emphasizes that the message about the neutralization went out to 22 teams and 44 sport directors.
Intentions were good but the execution was horrible
Lars admits that there is the possibility that Movistar didn’t get the radio announcement but with Garmin and Europcar following the attack the chances of nobody in the front group having received the message seems slim.
“I mean, if you suddenly have 2 minutes just after the descent, there is probably something that isn’t right. And I think that there are some teams that probably know that what they did on the stage was questionable, says the Directeur Sportif, who however believes that the race organizers has the overall responsibility.
  “Today was unacceptable. I’ve always been a strong advocate for the fact that crashes, weather and punctures are a part of cycling. But when an organizer steps in to control the race as a final option they need to have the finesse and skills to do it properly. Their intentions were good but the execution was horrible. They sent an apology on their official media platform but won’t take the full responsibility either”.
 Podium is still possible
The miscommunication resulted in Quintana, Hesjedal and Rolland having around two minutes at the foot of the final climb. Behind them the rest of the favorites used their teammates up in order to shave down the time gap and on the final part of the climb attacks were launched. Rafal Majka lost 4:08 minutes to Quintana, who won the stage, the pink jersey and the white jersey at the same time.
  “Rafal did an excellent job today – the whole team did. Roche and Petrov fought their way back after Stelvio and immediately went to the front of the group to pull. Rogers was so strong and delivered Rafal in the best possible position. Rafa also launched a couple of attacks that split the group. But it’s difficult to sense how the legs are, when they’re cold after a confusing stage with many shifts in pace. Quintana was the big favorite for the stage win today, but he wouldn't have been in pink if it wasn't for what happened on Stelvio”, explains Lars Michaelsen.
 "The Tinkoff-Saxo captain is now 5th in the GC. But with 7 seconds to Cadel Evans the young Pole has a good chance of getting back on a podium spot again.
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Quintana passes the moto with flag
“Rafa is not at his best in cold conditions but he’s in a strong shape right now. He shows continuously that he has the will to attack and he’s still very close to the podium, which is his and our goal. Our team right now is indeed among the strongest. At the bottom of Stelvio 90 riders were dropped from the peloton – none of them were our riders. As a sport director, a team performance like that makes me proud”, concludes Lars Michaelsen.

TFR TM Luca Guercilena 
"Little thought on the stage today :There is no reference in the UCI rules to mysterious safety motorbikes.The rule that comes closest to what happened today is the 2.2.029 which says that in case of accident or exceptional situation the organizer may change in accordance with the jury ,1. The route2 .Temporarly NEUTRALISE the race3 . Cancel the stage4 . Delete a part of the stage and its intermediate results and restarts the race in a near location5 . Keeping the situation or to restart the race TAKING ACCOUNT OF PLACING before the accident.Now given that the rule of motorcycle safety does not exist, given that you do not make reference in the Regulation to red flags or similar, indicating that radiocorsa as audio files said that the athletes had to remain in the groups to which they belong at the top of the Stelvio to the lowering of the flag itself, looking at the picture attached when the safety motorbike in reality  rather than enforce the athletes maintain the position in the group to which they belonged at the top of the Stelvio is doing a selection of real work behind moto ( obviously driving with only one hand on the Stelvio curves gives more than an excuse to motorcyclists ) .I wonder: is it still necessary to point to and discredit DS who have submitted their athletes to comply with the delivery of the organization or was it better to say that given the situation it was taken and communicated a decision that is not contemplated in the rules, creating discomfort to all participants?Honestly, I think it's past the time when the DS are pointed out as little capable, today many have complied with the directives of the organization, somebody has not understood the message, few have taken advantage of the uncertainty created by a rule that does not exist."
Movistar got fined
Veloropa on Twitter:
"According to Carlos Arribas from El Pais, teams want -organizers to take 55 seconds of Quintana's lead or they'll take further actions."

"Preso atto delle ulteriori registrazioni audio relative alle indicazioni trasmesse da radio corsa ai direttori sportivi durante la tappa odierna, la Direzione del Giro d'Italia tiene a precisare che è stata data una non corretta interpretazione rispetto a quanto indicato dalla Direzione stessa.
Si precisa e ribadisce che l'intenzione era di garantire la massima sicurezza dei concorrenti, durante il primo tratto di discesa (6 tornanti pari a circa 1500 metri) del Passo dello Stelvio, che presentava tratti con nuvole basse e nebbia che limitavano la visibilità e quindi la sicurezza.
Si precisa inoltre che ne Radio Corsa ne tanto meno la Direzione del Giro si sono mai espresse in termini di neutralizzazione della discesa o parte di essa."
[Considered the additional audio recordings relating to indications transmitted by radio to the race team managers during today's stage, the Direction of the Giro d'Italia points out that it was given a unproper interpretation of what told by the Direction itself.
It is pointed out and reiterated that the intention was to ensure maximum safety of the competitors during the first part of the descent (6 turns of approximately 1,500 meters) of the Stelvio Pass, which had traits with low clouds and fog which limited visibility and therefore safety.
It is also noted that Radio Race and the direction of the Giro have never expressed in terms of neutralization of the descent or part of it.

Re , concerned about security, organisers took initiative to place motos in front of each group on descent. This should have been approved by commissaires + coordinated and communicated to the teams more efficiently but security is of course the primary concern for all race organisers and for the UCI

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