Giro: How does a DS' day look like?

Here you have Lars Michaelsen’s day during Giro d’Italia (via Team Tinkoff-Saxo)

07:00 – Waking up
07:30 – Briefing from team doctor, soigneurs and riders about the condition of the riders.
08:00 – Team Chef Hannah’s Breakfast, several espressos.
08:30 – Continue stage preparations from last night. Study the route, lay down the strategy.
09:30 – Onboard the team bus, travel to the start of the stage, talk to the riders individually
10:20 – Official Team Briefing
10:45 – Interviews with media.
11:30 – 17:00 – Stage in progress, leading the team from behind the wheel of the DS-car.
17:00 – Stage finish, interview with media and supporting the riders.
17:30 – Travel to the team hotel, debriefing the riders in the bus, listening and giving advice.
18:30 – Analyzing the race and informing team-colleagues about the outcome of the stage.
19:30 – Coordinating and directing the work of the staff. Making sure that everything is ready for the next stage.
21:30 – Dinner with the team – time to relax.
22:15 – Tying up loose ends.

23:00 – A late evening glass of wine or beer in the kitchen truck.
23:30 – Bedtime.

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