Team Belkin Statement regarding Giro d'Italia's stage 16

The Belkin Pro Cycling TEAM has given a clear statement this morning during the team managers’ meeting in Sarnonico. During yesterday’s stage 16 in the Giro d’Italia several incidents occurred. We know how difficult it is for the organisation to take drastic measures such as taking out a stage. In this case we do think the stage should have been cancelled, or the available alternative route should have been chosen, because of the extreme weather conditions and especially the dangerous descends of the Gavia and Stelvio.
As a member of the AIGCP board of Directors, we did all we could in the background to come to a solution. The sportive side of it should be decided by the referee: the jury. The safety of our riders is always what is most important.

We urge the organizers, and especially the UCI, to come with measurements to prevent what happened yesterday and to take good care of the welfare of our riders. It is up to the jury and the UCI, as regulator of the races, to take a helicopter view and decide to start or not. As well as to enforce the new rules, if new rules apply.

We will take measures ourselves, together with other teams, if these are not taken by the organisers and or the UCI/jury in case of dangerous circumstances and when it is irresponsible to race.

We hope the Giro d'Italia will once again be the great race that it always was and is saved from these kinds of circumstances.

Richard Plugge
General Manager Belkin Pro Cycling TEAM

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