A Stormy Day On The Sea

We went to sleep early, our bikes ready for a morning ride, our cycling clothes on the chair, two helmets lining on the kitchen table. 
We woke up with a rain storm knocking to the window, heavy rain pourring on the terrace. It was six o'clock but no sign of the dawn, no sun in the sky but a dark gray night. Back to sleep till ten.
A rain storm on the sea has got a charming side. It's annoying, no doubt, because you can't do much when all is humid and the coolest sea town looks miserable. Once I spent one month here in January: I know what I'm talking about. Rain in summer is by the sea like a short winter. Shops, restaurants and cafés are open, probably even more crowded of disoriented peole in flip-flops. But it's too cold to sit outside and inside isn't so cool, summer drinks seem out of place – all that ice! - but you'd feel ridicolous asking a hot chocolate. The fact is: a rainy day by the sea is immediately cold. And you didn't bring the right clothes.
The fact is: you got the right clothes, you wear it in the fucking cold morning... and after two hours the sky is suddenly clean, the sun shines and you are sweating on the beach wearing a wool pulover and long trousers! Of course you didn't bring your bathing suit, you went to the beach on despair, "to watch the storm on the sea".
It's really charming. The sky can be suddenly sunny but the sea keeps a darker colour, almost black, and a stormy savage waving showing the white. The beach is covered on dirty – natural or plastic. A wet sand step has formed way closer to the first umbrelas. Moreover there is a stormy wind that makes weep your eye  and finally allows children and parents – especally dads - the use of kites so the sky above your head becomes all coloured. Because of the wind is impossible to read, to play cards, to play tennis table, to play volley... so you go for a walk by the sea and you find out that the water is strangely warm. In Versilia – where I am – the stormy day is even more charming because of the beautiful mountains, the Apuane, wrapped in the mist or hidden by dark clouds, few patches of white marble still visible.
At the end of the day your face is burned and red because the cold made you think you didn't need any sun cream and the wind on the beach did the rest. Each cyclist you meet, joyfully riding in the wind or painfully riding against it, you get reminded of your aborted ride. Next time you'll be braver and more optimist (so probably it will rain all day).
"Keep close the window 
in a stormy day:
your castle of cards
so patiently built
can't last a second
in the stormy wind.
Open the the window
and deeply breath
the rich humid air
in a stormy day.
Bare feet and savage hair
go walking on the soft sand
while all regrets
the wind muddles up
and sweeps away"

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