Giro dell'Appennino: Sonny Colbrelli conquers his second pro win

Photo: Una volta sbloccato, non c'è verso di fermare Sonny Colbrelli, suo anche il Giro dell'Appennino. Il corridore della Bardiani-CSF sarà protagonista anche al Campionato Italiano?Sonny Colbrelli: ”The win in Slovenie was a turning point and today I had the confirmation. I believed to this success and with me the whole squad that also today was really strong. In the finale we managed the race in a perfect way. Then when arrived my time, I followed Bole and pipped him with 250 meters to go. Anyway all the squad is having a great shape and I’m confidence that we can make a super Italian Championship this weekend”.

1. Sonny Colbrelli (BAR) 4:44:10
2. Grega Bole (VFN) st.
3. Miguel Rubiano (COL) st.
4. Simone Ponzi (NRI) st.
5. Andrea Pasqualon (AZT) st.
6. Sergey Lagutin (RUV) st.
7. Enrico Battaglin (BAR) st.
8. Antonino Parrinello (AND) st.

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