Giro d'Italia: Gemona - GALLERY 2 (and some stuff about me)

He doesn't fly away :D

Runing down from Gemona's start I meet many team cars driving up and in one of them my... uhm... well... lets say... ex bf. We talked early that morning, he had optimistcally said: "Maybe we bump into each other" on Cima Grappa and aside from the fact it was very hard I wasn't there but in Udine in front of the telly.
In general I don't like to mix personal and profesional: you can't be 'with me' when working and it ends to be frustrating. Of course when you don't see your supposed partner since Christmas and it happens that you are both on the Giro, it's quite tempting to take the chance to talk a bit. He's in the car and I istinctively say: "Ciao!", not his name. Obviously he doesn't get it and drives away. Never mind: I have got to catch a train.
Fabio Aru arrives
Colombian riders are elated
In Sestola I had seen him at the finish, still passing and no way to talk given that the race was on. I had arranged to phone in the rest day - yep, it's that complicated - and he had sounded from another world: all right, no problem, why do I bother? Indead: why? Because I still think it's normal to drop people face to face. Because technically I dropped him but de facto when you don't show yourself for months - even in presence of kind sms - you dropped me and I want to know exactly why. Finally because I keep the useless idea that confronting is the civil way (not fighting, no silence). 

It's a steep road...
Tosh Van der Sande
The car is gone and I go myself back to the rail station and to Trieste. I'll tell you about the race but to complete my topic I'll add that we didn't meet at all. After the finish I wrote again to ask a date (as 'meeting' not as 'going out with your love') and he said: "Ok, I'll check when I'm free next week". All by sms of course and thanks god sms remain so I know I didn't imagine it. I'm still waiting. And Tour de Suisse is coming, that means he's going. Fed up, what do you think?
Fabio Aru
Cadel Evans
 Axel Domont
Lotto Belisol guys

Look at the kid :)

Now he can

The start is up there!

Michael Hepburn: who's filming whom?
Rigoberto Uran
Sometimes Carabinieri are useful...

Emanuele Sella
But that guy here also said: 1. that I still count 2. that he isn't angry 3. that yes he still wants to see me. That makes me curious. I'm going to wait and see what exactly he means....

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