In Short: Much Ado About Nothing - Froome's inhaler

On stage 2 of the Dauphiné Chris Froome used an inhaler. Peloton Magazine spoke with Rob Jorgensen, a (Team Sky) and that's what he said:
“He has an inhaler for asthma. He's used an inhaler since he's been active, since he was a teenager. It's 100% approved by the UCI. It does not require a TUE. When and if he needs it he's got it there. So you'll see it's not something he has to use on a regular basis. It's more occasionally when he needs it. I think you'll find it's the mountain stages, on the mountaintop finishes, where he feels he sometimes needs to use it. I think what you'll find is a lot of guys use it, but maybe they'll use it before they head off, or they might use it at other times, maybe not as public as that, at the front of the peloton with the TV cameras."

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