In Short: Unlucky Nizzolo crashed out Dauphine

1. A large pile-up 65 km to go: - DS Alain Gallopin “It was maybe the only opportunity for a sprint finish in this race. When the gap grew to eight minutes both FDJ, for Démare, and us for Giacomo, began to pull to maintain a normal gap and control to the finish. Giacomo was feeling okay, in the prologue and yesterday, too. It's too bad as it was a technical finish, which would have been good for him.” 
2. How it happened:  Giacomo Nizzolo: “We were on the descent and I was moving up on the left side. The asphalt was bad – melting – and a few riders crashed ahead. I tried to avoid them in the grass, on the left, so as to not hit them. But when I braked it was so slippery. I went down on my left side. My left shoulder took the hardest hit. I don’t think anything is broken, I have movement, but the pain is getting worse, so I will go home to have it checked.”
3. Consequences: Alain Gallopin: “The doctor was with Giacomo for a long time but he was not able to get back on the bike. And after, when we saw him arrive at the bus, it was obvious he could not continue the race like this.”
4. Disappointment: Giacomo Nizzolo: “Today was the best chance for me this week, and after the Giro I kept training to come here with the best shape - to try and use my form to get one stage. What can I say?  I did not want to finish the first part of the season with a crash. When I was on the ground I immediately realized that it was hard to get back on the bike, I tried, but it was not possible. I am very disappointed. In 21 days at the Giro I was one of the few who never crashed. Today I hoped to profit from my Giro shape, but everything ended because of a crash. Unbelievable.”

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