Taylor Phinney: Getting Well... soon!

Good news from Boulder: 
What happened: Taylor Phinney is recovering from a double fracture of his left lower leg and injury to the same knee suffered in a crash at the USA RR championships on May 26 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. After undergoing surgery in Chattanooga and initial rehabilitation in Park City, Utah, Phinney has returned to his home in Boulder where he is undergoing daily physical therapy."
BMC Doc Max Testa said: "His progress has been amazing . The team's medical staff want to respect the biological time of healing and make sure he is recovered 100."
Taylor Phinney said: "I feel pretty good. It is a long process, so I am trying to keep my mind activated." He celebrated his 24th birthday Friday with an hour on a stationary bike. "It was only one hour, so it was not like this big, long bike ride. But I am getting used to that. A lot of my physical therapy is about maintaing mobility. I want to thank everyone who has wished me well. It has made the situation a lot more bearable. I also quite a few friends in Boulder who have come over and spent time with me, which has been nice."
Phinney's season had been great till the crash and he was supposed to start his first Tour de France. He's a strong guy not only a strong rider: he will be back stronger

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