Tour de Suisse 5: Wiggins DNS (and a pic from Ramsen w/ Andy Schleck)

This morning Wiggins didn't start: "As for Breadley" Team Sky DS Dan Frost said: "he sustained grazing and bruising to the muscles on his right leg, which will be treated overnight and the team doctor will be reviewing his injury in the morning. Bradley has been carrying a mild chest infection from the weekend so he has been taking antibiotics and his condition has improved. Racing with this illness has affected him a bit, but he’s shown his commitment and has worked really well for the team.”
Wiggins himself said: “Ironically, I was the last man in the peloton, trying to stay out of trouble when it happened. They all slammed on the brakes ahead of me but there was another rider riding full gas who rode straight into the back of me. I’ve got quite a lot of swelling on the left-hand side of my right knee. It’s one of those things, I’ve been pretty fortunate this year with crashes. I probably could have started today but it’s best to play it safe and come home now. I really want to try to be ready for the Nationals next Thursday so I didn’t want to jeopardise that for the sake of pushing on and potentially doing more damage."

 Pic by Danny In T Ven
In the second picture you can see Trek Factory Racing TdS Squad: Andy Schleck lost his brother and some time but he's riding well. It's still to decide if he'll go to the Tour this year and I think it's right because any rider has to show he deserves to be in and Andy isn't different. Moreover: he deserves to decide himself what he really wants to do with his career.

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