Tour de France 4: Andy Schleck DNS :(

Trek Factory Racing: 
"Andy Schleck did not take the start in stage 4 of the Tour de France due to the consequences of his crash in the final 25 kilometers of stage 3. His right knee is severely swollen with blood. The collateral ligaments are damaged and there’s a lesion in the meniscus. Schleck will travel to Basel for further examination and possibly surgery."
Team doctor Andreas Gösele:
“Andy will undergo an MRI-scan of the knee and we will subsequently decide if an operation is necessary. He’s clearly in a lot of pain and starting would be a very bad idea. We tried all treatments that we have at our disposition in competition, but the injury is too severe to have him racing.”
Andy Schleck : 
“This is a huge blow for me. I went on the rollers as soon as we arrived in Le Touquet, to get the muscles and tendons warmed up, but the pain is too much. I believed until that moment that I would start. I think I ignored the pain somehow, hiding it in the back of my head. I’m hugely disappointed. I was so happy to be here, racing with Fränk in the Tour again. I was so happy be part of the race and be good and competitive. I’m sad to let the team down, to let Frank down. I was ready to help him defend his GC ambitions. I felt I was progressing, everything was coming back."

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