Tour de France: Andy Schleck under surgery for damaged knee (and my opinion)

Trek Factory Racing: 
"Andy Schleck: rupture of both the collateral and cruciate ligaments of the knee + a tear in the meniscus and a lot of bone bruises. Andy is in surgery as we speak. He'll get your messages of support via . "

My opinion: 
You don't bring to the Tour de France a rider who has not got the right condition. When a rider - or a person, in 'normal life' - needs a break, he/she takes a break... or he's foced to take it by facts like that.  
Andy crashed in a situation you meet every day in a big race: people stop or change direction in front of you and you must be ready to react. He said: "It has been my fault" and it's true but that only confirms what I said: he's not in shape, phisically and moreover mentally. He was better to compete in smaller races and try to get a good result, in Tour of Austria for exemple. He said: "I was so happy, all was coming back" but I really don't see it. In Tour de Suisse he was again and still way under is normal level - not his top level. 
Now I wish him with all my heart to be able to stop and think. To make a decision, not alone but with the support of specialists, a psychologist included because here it's matter of happyness not only of fitness. Andy should stop running after his idea of how it should be and take the time to reflect about where he really stands and what is important for him, what makes him feel good (and 'winning the Tour' is not an option at this moment). 
Reading his last interview my impression was he now needs to stay with his son: so stay there! bring the family somewhere and seriously train, start in small one day competitions, against low level contenders and build from there. Or change completely: read some books, study some new subject you completely ignore, learn photography. Life is more than cycling but also more than family and friends. What do you want to do of your life when you stop racing? start a project, get involved in something else. 
Oh dudes, I say that not because I want to teach Andy but because I'm AFRAID. That crash is maybe the last call for a different, better way out from an allarming situation. I'm sure that Andy would reply: "Why must you always make a drama of it?!" Well, because I care. You never make a drama because you never stop to watch it directly, as it is. 
But that is just my opinion and of curse I count nothing in that. I needed to tell.

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What a bullshit!!!